Denae Brown

Climb the Leaderboard 2018

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There is nothing better than the anticipation that precedes the Crossfit Open as everyone madly scrambles to improve their fitness and performance in time for the first WOD. There is also nothing more disappointing than thinking you are not as well prepared for success as what you could have been.

The program design offers extensive training and sport specific analysis. It will provide you with the opportunity to transform your existing training foundations and achievements and #climbtheleaderboard.

This program is perfect for :

  1. First time competitors seeking to get their body prepared and ready in time to get the best outcome possible.
  2. Experienced crossfitter Individuals who are looking to compete in the 2017 Crossfit open and improve their final standing
  3. Intermediate to advanced level lifestyle athletes and weekend warriors who want to improve their endurance and speed.
  4. Coaches who have groups of athletes who are looking to compete and are in need of some additional affiliate support programming.

Weekly training and nutrition updates will be delivered directly to your phone via the fitness app Fitter, which will be included on both Android and iOS.

Your Coaches

Denae Brown

2014 Pacific Regional Champion, 3 x CrossFit Games Athlete, 1 x CrossFit Games Masters Athlete and strength and conditioning coach will program your workouts.   

Kymberley Ritchie

Herbal Medicine Practitioner, PNL1 & L2 Certified Nutrition Coach, and Denae’s personal coach, will provide nutrition guidance and meals to fuel your results.

This 6 week performance program has been developed to ensure you reach your peak and Climb the Leaderboard at the Open.

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