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Soul Alive App

When I was looking to build the app, I was looking at everyone/everything that was out there haha. I think I’ve made the right choice though!

Fitter is really clean, easy and affordable. There’s also some key customisation options that other builders weren’t offering which were important to me.

- Luke McLeod

FitForce App

We used Fitter to facilitate the delivery of fitness training programs, nutrition advice and information on the agency’s recruiting process, with an aim to engage and better prepare prospective police recruit applicants for the Western Australia Police Force Physical Performance Evaluation (PPE).

Fitter is very functional, intuitive and user-friendly.

- Garth Allen

BrittFIT App

I decided to create this app to help women find a healthy balance with food and to teach them that they can eat healthy and still enjoy all the foods they love.

I love how easy Fitter is, I have had no previous experience in designing an app but everything is so straightforward and user-friendly.

- Brittany McCrystal

D-Active by Diana Ruiz

Fitter offers the cleanest looking design options, reasonable prices and easy-to-use app building features that allow the whole app creation process to move much more quickly.

We liked being able to easily see how the app looked as we were building it and designing. We also really liked the templates as they made it easier to develop a desired look for the app.

- Diana Ruiz

Taka FC App

I have been in development of my app for the past 18 months. I have used two other platforms and researched many more. I was lucky enough to find Fitter in my searches. I love the platform! It is everything that I have been looking for. It has a great combination of functionality along with a clean cut design.

I would highly recommend this platform to anyone!

- Kyle Johnson

Realm Fitness Academy

I used Fitter to create my own personalised health and fitness app for my business, to assist in exploring the online coaching space, and have been amazed by the level of detail, freedom and customisation it allows you!

- Nick Longhurst

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Is Fitter just for gyms and personal trainers?

Fitter is for all health and fitness businesses and enterprises looking to take their content online. You can create unlimited combinations of content to suit your audience.


Who owns my data?

You do! Everything you input into the app is your own. That goes for anyone who signs up or is invited to your app.


Do I need to be technical?

Nope! We make it easy to input your content without worrying about any of the technicalities. Simply pick a colour scheme, input your workouts, articles or meals and you're away!


What’s a Web App? Is it on the App Stores?

It's an app that you can open from any device with a simple URL, making super easy to share! It performs like a native app but there’s no need to deal with the App Stores.

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